Take a look around – everything that is not growing, or is not a part of nature, has been made by someone.

Most of us take for granted the manufactured goods that we use every day, but someone, somewhere, has figured out a way to produce those goods in an efficient manner, which makes them affordable to the consumer. This process took root largely during the Industrial Revolution in the mid 1800’s.

The drive to develop a “Better Mousetrap” never stops, as Inventors constantly strive to make goods that are a benefit to society and Engineers are charged with the task of improving products and the methods used to produce them.

Component Tool & Manufacturing serves the needs of a wide variety of industries which produce anything from Food Packaging, Medical Supplies, Building Products, Heavy Equipment, Rail, Automotive and High Tech Equipment.

The Tooling used to produce a product, or parts within a given product, are the factors that directly affect the quality and success of everything that is manufactured. Combining the craftsmanship of our Employees and using the latest in Manufacturing Technology, Component Tool has established a reputation with our customers, where they know we will hold to their standards, or better.

Getting to this point has taken the dedicated effort of our crew. Component Tool has developed from a one man shop, to a group of dedicated Craftsmen. As a close-knit team, most of our Machinists and Tool Makers have learned their trade while employed at Component Tool.

On the job experience, and attending school has been the path for their training, but most importantly, they have worked together and helped each other learn the intricacies of our trade – we hand what we have learned down to the next person, just as it was handed to us.

While we have had many interesting projects over the years, one of our biggest accomplishments has been making the transition from manual machining into the world of CNC Machining. Technology has integrated the use of Computers into all aspects of manufacturing. Computer driven Machine Tools and CAD Drafting have greatly improved the accuracy and quality of the goods made. The Machines themselves are able to dramatically out-perform machines of the past – easily at a rate of 10 to 1.

It still takes people to make all these things happen. The terrific machinery of today is only secondary to the skills and abilities of the people that run them. It was mentioned earlier that Component Tool combines Craftsmanship along with the latest Technology. Sometimes those two words don’t fit side by side.

In our “Job Shop” environment, where we are required to serve a very diverse customer base, the knowledge and skill that our “Craftsmen” feed into the machine tool controls will produce a most remarkable product.

Just take a look around