Passline Performance

We specialize in cutoff tooling for tube mill single and double cut dies.

Scrapless and slug type dies for shapes and panels.

Pre and post punch tooling, as well as the various components in your roll forming process.

  • Accelerator Brackets

  • Adjustment Screws

  • Air-Wiper/Coolant Nozzles

  • Bearing Boxes

  • Bronze Straightener Blocks

  • Bumper Dies

  • Clamp Pads

  • Clamping Cam Rolls

  • Coin Roll Shims

  • Crop Die Inserts

  • Cut Off Die Parts

  • Cylinder Bases

  • Dedimpler Plugs

  • Die Jaws

  • Die Rebuilds

  • Dies To Pre-Pierce Coils

  • Eccentric Shafts

  • Entry Guides

  • Hold Down Rolls

  • Impeder Fittings

  • Jaw Pre Setting Fixtures

  • Over-Arm Shaft Tubes

  • Panel Cut off Dies

  • Pistons and Cylinders for Cut off and Punching

  • Roll Shafts

  • Scrapless Die Inserts

  • Scrapless Dies

  • Side Notch Dies Guide Units

  • Sizing Rolls/ Calibration Rolls

  • Spring Overload Housing

  • Stamp Wheels

  • Tube Cut-off Dies for Single and Double Cut

  • Turkshead Rolls & Shafts

  • Wear Pads

  • Weld Clamp Pads

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